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Product News

Techon7 and REYAX: A Powerful Partnership for IoT Solutions

Techon7 is happy to announce a new strategic collaboration with

REYAX Technology Corporation, LTD.

This partnership brings together Techon7’s expertise in display, touch, and embedded boards with REYAX’s comprehensive range of wireless modules and IoT solutions.

DWIN appoint Techon7 as distributor in the Nordic Markets

To secure strong support and large market share, have DWIN decided to appoint Techon7 as their sales partner for the Nordic markets. The focus of the partnership is to create easy access for customers to the many series of UART based or Linux / Android based TFT displays. 

Teltonika – New partner at TECHON7

TECHON7 is proud to announce a partnership with Teltonika, a global provider of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. The collaboration aims to strengthen and expand the IoT business landscape within Denmark, which will leverage Teltonika'sextensive experience in creating advanced IoT solutions and TECHON7's deep understanding of the Danish market.

Sustainability By Refurbishment

REduce • REuse • REcycle

We recycle all parts possible, and thereby having less waste objects to be thrown out. Old mechanical parts will be washed, cleaned and sold as refurbished parts. This results in cost savings for our customers and protects the environment.

IPS Panels for industrial displays

IPS Paneler populære til industrielle display

IPS-panelerne giver en væsentlig forbedring af farvegengivelser og betragtningsvinkler i forhold til TN- panelerne på flere område.


OLED-displays i industrielle applikationer er, sammenlignet med de typisk anvendte STN moduler, klart bedre på en lang række vigtige punkter.

On-site Access & Repairability provides Minimum Downtime


FT- Terminals are modular designed to give easy on- site access and repairability which results in minimum downtime in the production.

News from Techon7

New Sales & Marketing coordinator

We are thrilled to have Jacob Nissen join our team at Techon7 as our new Sales & Marketing Coordinator. His main tasks will be sales support, support to our suppliers in marketing products and campaign and marketing activities for the Techon7 Group.

New website

In collaboration with STORMES GRAFISK in Vejle, TECHON7 launches a new updated website.

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