When Knowhow Matters

TECHON7 – when knowhow makes a difference

TECHON7 is your partner when knowledge is important. We are a system integrator and distributor within modular electronics components and systems for industrial use and advise on design based on the market and the product to ensure that the technical and commercial side is closely connected in our projects.

TECHON7 is a specialist in five primary product areas, where we together with our partners, offer the latest knowledge right down to the smallest detail. Together with our partners, we focus on fast access to markets based on readymade solutions such as Smart-Embedded solutions.

TECHON7's integration department gives our customers access to technology, knowledge and evaluation platforms that enable them to effectively achieve their goals in their projects. In our integration and repair center, we offer our customers easy access to development of prototypes, production, and repairs. Our production is ISO9001:2015 certified and includes both ESD-secured areas as well as Clean Bench for touch integration. The production is certified for manufacturing Automotive products with E-mark.

TECHON7 has a large network of suppliers and partners in Asia, which enables us to handle both development, procurement, and production. Our TECHON7 base in Korea gives us an effective approach to the Asian time zone as well as the local languages and cultures with all the innovative opportunities and inspiration it contributes to our projects.

What to expect

  • Knowledge and insight to find just the right solution.
  • Focus on future proof solutions.
  • An effective subcontractor, development partner and advisor.
  • An ISO certified and ESD secured production.
  • International sourcing from the best suppliers.

We can assist you throughout the process

TECHON7 can assist you from idea to delivery of the products to you or your customer in the process you need.

Learn more about our process here:


We follow the market closely and thus always have an up-to-date knowledge on the latest market challenges and changes. We follow technological developments closely, and we always have knowledge on the latest technology on the market.


The creative process is important for the final solution. We always develop in collaboration with customers and our suppliers, as all knowledge are important. We all have specialist knowledge in our field, and added together it is essential for a perfect result.


We always develop in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers based on ideas, requirements, and market trends.

Our setup with our branch in Korea ensures our customers short lead-time, short time to market and  cost optimization.


TECHON7 is ISO 9001:2015 certified and this means that we have high requirements for testing our products. All our products are thoroughly tested according to various standards before being shipped to our customers.


Our production is a ESD-secured facility. We produce everything from prototypes, 0-series to end products. We have secured all documentation to ensure high quality in the process. We continuously audit our suppliers for to maintain and deliver high-quality products and processes.


We offer efficient and cost-optimized logistics with fast delivery all over the world. We can manage shipments directly to our customers and to their customers, and thus optimize our customers' delivery service. If you have an RMA or service case, you can easily send it to us on by our e-RMA system on our website.

Our certifications

ISO 9001:2015

TECHON7 is a DNV ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which means that there is a sharp focus on all internal processes, the nature of the suppliers, performance, and risk assessments of all actions in the company.

This also places great demands on our production environment, and TECHON7 naturally has an ESD secured production area. We have high certification requirements for testing our products, and we regulary assess and evaluate our suppliers, partners, and our processes to ensure that quality is delivered in all processes and products.

In addition to our ISO9001:2015 system, we have been approved for manufacturing of E-branded products for the Automotive industry. We have extensive experience in manufactureing of electronics for the food processing industry and are specialists at integrating stainless steel electronics.

Produktion til Automotive industrien
Produktion til Automotive industrien
ESD sikret produktionsområde
ESD sikret produktionsområde
Touch screens til fødevareindustrien
Touch screens til fødevareindustrien

RMA & Service

TECHON7 has an e-RMA system for handling repairs and services. To submit a device for repair, service, replacement, etc., you must be registered as user of the e-RMA system.

Please contact us by e-mail at RMA@techon7.dk  and contact us directly on +45 7060 2777 if any question and we will guide you through the process.


When registered in the e-RMA system, you can create your repair/service case by log in, using the link. We are ready to receive it, and you will continuously be informed on progress on your service case.