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High-quality modular components wrapped in the latest knowledge

TECHON7 is your partner when knowledge matters. We provide solutions within Display and touch as well as embedded boards for integration for professional users. We advise on design based on the market and the product to ensure that the technical and commercial sides are optimized in our customers' projects.

We are a specialist in five primary product areas, where together with our partners we offer the latest knowledge right down to the smallest detail. Together with our partners, we focus on fast market access based on readymade solutions.

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Pharma & Food Industry

Industrial solutions for Pharma & Food Industry


TECHON7 offers for Pharma & Food industry as well as other tough environments a unique selection of the market's best industrial computers, with good performance and durability. TECHON7's industrial solutions brand, FoodTeq - are suitable for production lines, data monitoring and AI and process control. We have a large selection, which is created for industrial use in harsh environments, where, for example, they are placed in surroundings with a lot of dust, dirt, water, large temperature fluctuations and vibrations. They can withstand external influences and still deliver accurate and efficient data management. In addition, an industrial computer can handle a large amount of data and run various special applications.

FoodTeq range offers many different industrial computer solutions with different setups and are available in sizes from 10.1'' to 65", and they come with IP security from IP65 to IP69. The solutions can be delivered with both resistive touchscreen and capacitive touch and naturally meet the necessary requirements for certifications the respective environments require.

Display &Touch solution

TECHON7 has extensive knowledge of LCD, TFT's OLED and expertise on E-Paper.

TECHON7 has extensive knowledge of LCD, TFT's OLED and expertise on E-Paper. We advise on design from both a market and product point of view, as the technical and commercial side must be carefully managed and integrated into this kind of project. We work with Touch as standalone components, and Touch embedded with display and cover lens. We have extensive experience with Resistive, Projected Capacitive Touch and Infrared.

TECHON7 has a large network of suppliers and partners in Asia, which enables us to handle both development, procurement, and production. The TECHON7 office in Korea gives us an effective approach to the Asian time zone as well as the local languages and cultures with all the innovative opportunities and inspiration it contributes to our projects.


Memory products

TECHON7 is highly competitive on industrial Memory products without compromising on quality, and therefore offers only quality products in this area.

Memory products are an important and critical component in many applications, and TECHON7 offers the advice that is central in getting just the right  Memory product at the right price.


IoT – Internet of Things

Internet-of-Things (IoT) is one of the most emerging technology trends in companies and societies around the world in many different areas. IoT is connecting "things" to the Internet so that they can be better monitored and managed digitally. It can be anything from cars to industrial PCs.

IoT provides brand new digital opportunities for the companies that are ready to seize them. At TECHON7, we can help you get started with the latest networking technologies and advice on which product is right for your project.

Many companies are already digitizing their business by installing smart IoT devices that ship their stuff online. At TECHON7, we help our customers from different industries and sectors solve specific challenges with Internet of Things and are ready for a dialogue on how you can create value with smart devices and the latest technologies in your business.

TECHON7 has several partners who offer products within IoT. If you are looking for a specific product or component that you cannot find here, please contact us on +45 7060 2777 or by e-mail: Then we'll find a solution together.


Embedded Computers

TECHON7 offers a wide range of Embedded Computers & Embedded Processor Modules.

We have extensive expertise within System on Module (SoM), and have developed our own baseboard designs. TECHON7 also offers basic standard boards and box PCs for industrial use in many forms and factors.