NavigateWorks provides Industrial communication products, and their product range includes:

  • NR500 Cellular Router
  • NR300 Cellular Router
  • Device Management Platform

NavigateWorks present solutions for a various range of markets including:

  • Energy
  • Retail
  • Smart City
  • Environment
  • Transportation
  • Industrial Automation
NR500 Standard. NR500 Standard is a very cost effective Industrial 3G / 4G VPN Router that designed for multiple IIoT applications. READ MORE
NR310. Navigateworx NR310 industrial cellular VPN router enables wireless data connectivity over public and private LTE cellular networks at 4G speeds. READ MORE



Guangzhou Navigateworx Technologies Co., Ltd is a dedicated IIoT / M2M Hardware Manufacturer and Solution Provider. Since its establishment on the forefront of the evolving IIoT / M2M Industry, they offer a unique combination of extremely talented Wireless and Wireline Experts to help you navigate the overwhelmingly complicated IIoT / M2M Industry.

NavigateWorx Hardwares and Solutions had been widely used in different vertical markets like Energy (e.g., Wind Turbine Generator Monitoring), Retail (e.g., Vending Machines / Kiosk), Smart City (e.g. Video Surveillance), Environment (e.g. Weather Station Remote Monitoring), Transportation (e.g. Intelligent Traffic System), Industrial Automation (e.g. Package Machines Remote Monitoring) etc. With the great help of Global Distribution Network, our Routers had been shipped to more than 80 Countries and we’re proud to contribute our effort into IIoT / M2M Market.