About Us


TECHON7 is a system integrator and distributor within modular electronics components and systems for industrial use. We advise on design based on both the market and the product to ensure, that the technical and commercial side are closely connected in our customers' projects.


TECHON7's department for Advanced Component is a strong supplier within electronic modules and components, such as displays & Touch, embeddedcomputers, industrial memory and power supplies for many industrial applications. Our focus is fast acces to markets based on readymade solutions. As an example Emergin Display Technology (EDT), who have special focus on advanced HMI modules with their Smart Embedded range. 


TECHON7's integration department provides access for our customers to technology, knowledge and evaluation platforms that enable them to get to effectively achieve their objectives in their projects. In our integration and repair center we offer our customers easy access to the development of prototypes, production and repairs. Our production facility is ISO9001:2015 certified and includes both ESD secured area as well as clean bench for touch integration. The factory has been certified to manufacture Automotive products with E-mark.


TECHON7 has a large network of suppliers and partners in Asia, which enables us to handle both development, procurement and production. Our TECHON7 base in Korea gives us an effective approach to the Asian time zone, as well as the local languages and cultures with all the innovative opportunities and inspiration it brings to our projects.


TECHON7 has a wide product program within industrial Touch Screen Computers and digital signage solutions for food production and industry - all ruggedized solutions that can be used in all demanding environments from water to chemicals and dust. Our robust solutions meet several specific qualifications and have an optimized pricing structure.  Our modular concept provides a short development time, a more streamlined product qualification, faster production and lower costs.


Welcome to TECHON7

TECHON7's mission is to enable our customers to achieve more


TECHON7 has a clear mission: to empower our customers to achieve more. We are a solid company, where we value and accommodate each other's professional differences and personal preferences. TECHON7 is a company, where common goals and decisions are respected and expressed at all levels in the daily work. We have strong values as the basis of our work and our cooperation, with customers, suppliers as well as each other:

Accountability: for the environment, for each other and for the task

Innovation: meaningful innovation contributes to a better World

Sustainability: on material selection, in production and socially

Together we achieve more.