Communication Modules such as VCOs, GPS, GSM modules

Communication Modules: VCO's, GPS, GSM-modules

& Advanced 3G/4G Routers

For many years we have worked within the communication sector and have experience on VCO’s. We work with both GPS and GSM as well as WIFI and IoT. Newest productprogram is a series of advanced industrial 3G/4G VPN routers. Presentation of selected suppliers below:

Established in 2015 in China. Main focus is industrial GSM routers.


NavigateWorx offers industrial GSM routers in rugged design, fit to be used at demanding places. For instance, they are specified for an operational temperature range of -40 – 75 degrees Celsius.

Established in 1987 in the US. Main focus is VCO’s and PLL’s.


Z-Communications produces frequency sources with small footprints, high spectral purity, and low phase noise.